New Kids of the Rock(Season 1)Edit

New Kids of the Rock Season 1 is the first season of the show.


New Kids of the Rock Season 1 is the first season of the show which aired March 30, 1994.It had 40 episodes.

Title Original airdate Production code Season # Series #
"Death Trap" March 30,1994 1-101 1 1
Ryan, Johnny, Eirc, and Stan meet for the first time as they start school South Central Wembley Middle School. Htey then into a group of bullies who are on the football team.They are persued untill they reach their first class. While they leave to they they come back and knockout Ryan.
"The Horror of Elm Street" April 6,1994 1-102 2 2
It Halloween in Wembley, Alberta and everyone is getting into the spirit. When a dead body is report outside Jack' O 'Lantern's Halloween Shop, the boys start looking for clues. After they find an office filled with pictures of known people in town and a horror costume, they then learn that someone had a grudge Wembley, Alberta.
"The Running Bitch" April 6,1994 1-103 3 3
A new student comes to South Central Wembley Middle School with a horrible secret: He is number 1 wanted in Canada, United States, India, Australia, United Kingdom, and 18 other countries worldwide and has been on the run for five years.
"The Running Bitch" April 13,1994 1-104 4 4
A new Superstore comes to Wembley, Alberta. It soon starts causing problem when it starts stealing company employees with reasonable deals.
"California Surfer" April 20,1994 1-105 5 5
When a pirze package come to the mail stating that they won a trip to anywhere to the United States, the boys then go on a trip to Los Angeles,California. It doesn't go as well as its planned. Hurricane Carmen comes in and wrech parts of the city. They're get stranded on top of the Staples Center for 4½ days.
"A Super-Future Story" April 27,1994 1-106 6 6
A Canadian from 60 years in the future travel back to present-day Wembley.
"Super Mega Awesome Happy Fun Time Japan Stlye" May 4,1994 1-107 7 7
"A Super-Future Story" May 11,1994 1-108 8 8
"Y2K(When World Came to an End)" May 18,1994 1-106 9 9
"Halls of the Wild" May 27,1994 1-110 10 10
"Montezuma y Nuevo Porto" May 30,1994 1-111 11 11
"Panic on Floor 24" June 7,1994 1-112 12 12
Eric's family goes to Toronto,Ontario to visits his grandma
"The Snitch" June 14,1994 1-113 13 13
When Jimmy start is spay with a truth spray, he start telling evevryone what everyone has done to each other.
"The Tick-Tock Theory" June 21,1994 1-114 14 14
During a rain storm they
"Made in Impanada" June 21,1994 1-115 15 15

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